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The call for a Cyber Talent Revolution is now!

We have assembled a committed network of Cyber Champions representing industry, government, education, training, workforce development, and community-based organizations. Our efforts will ensure a resilient and inclusive workforce prepared to support our economy. The creation of a new generation of skilled cyber workforce will be capable of building, maintaining and securing our shared cyber, virtual and digital assets.

I am inviting you to take this opportunity to join Cyber Proud today.  There are many ways you can support these efforts! You can become a sponsor where a portion of your contribution will be used to provide a scholarship for a student or apprentice. You can benefit from being a part of a network that can assist you in cultivating your own workforce within your organization, or you can become a mentor.

Champions like you play an integral role toward achieving these goals. Join Us Today!

Be a Cyber Champion. Become a Sponsor.

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