Through our network we have begun to compile an extensive list of resources. This is only a partial list. We will continue building this comprehensive repository with new resources as they become available.

Here is an example of current research. Build (Don’t Buy) A Skills-Based Strategy to Solve the Cybersecurity Talent Shortage by Emsi. Visit their site for the full report.

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Sacramento Academic Providers

Sacramento State University, Computer Science Department

Sacramento State University School of Continuing Education

American River College Cybersecurity Center

Cosumnes River College Computer Information Science

Sacramento City College Computer Information Science

University of Phoenix Online Cyber Security Degree

UC Davis Cybersecurity Bootcamp


Industry Certifications

CompTIA Information Technology Certifications


Cybersecurity Youth Apprenticeship Initiative

Starting, Supporting, and Scaling Youth Apprenticeship: Tools to Accelerate the Work of Partnerships in the Field

UC Davis, Expanding Apprenticeship & Training to Enable Smart Cities with Enhanced Cyber Security, UC Davis

Other Training Resources

Cyber Security Ventures

Finance Online, 51 Important Cybercrime Statistics: 2020 Data Analysis & Projections

CyberVista: Cybersecurity Workforce Development

Cyber Research and Studies

Cyber Seek, Cybersecurity Career Pathway

Aspen Institute, Cybersecurity Group Principles for Growing and Sustaining the Nations Cybersecurity Workforce

Rand, Attracting, Recruiting, and Retaining Successful Cyberspace Operations Officers: Cyber Workforce Interview Findings

Gov Tech, A Place for Cyber in Utah

National CyberWatch Center

NIST: National Institute of Standards and Technology

Sans Cyber Security Training

Sans, Cyber Security Skills Roadmap

Virginia Cyber Range

NIST, Experiential Learning via Cyber Ranges


Cloud Range -Cyber Security Training Revolution

Digital Literacy and Computer Science

National Centers of Academic Excellence (CAE)

P-TECH: when skills meet opportunity, success happens

Other Resources

The Home of OJT – On-the-Job Training –

Skill Rise Framework