When we think of cyber, do we think of some obscure internet space, like “cyberspace” or that perhaps the term is related to a remote or virtual state of being. It’s not that simple. Cyber is all around us, all day – everyday. It is everything internet, computers, artificial intelligence and virtual reality. It makes our lives possible today, and has the potential to make all life better in the future.  For many of us, “cyber” enhances our lives each day – on our phone or device – it connects us to work to family, – virtually.              It brings us joy!

Why Cyber Proud now?

Each of us has become more dependent upon using digital communications to communicate, run our lives, or increased flexibility to interact.  This dependence and reliance upon this cyber connection is now more than ever a necessity. From the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep, we have grown dependent upon being connected.  The access to immediate responses never delayed, access to get everything we want when we want it, instantaneously, We are assured that within this vast cyber system, our personal data, finances, businesses are also secure and protected.  Do we take it for granted? Perhaps we do…

More importantly, do we acknowledge the people, the professionals and their talents that make it possible? Is there an adequate training and educational ecosystem to meet this growing demand? As it becomes imperative that more people are trained to design, build, maintain and secure these systems, Cyber Proud primary purpose is to serve as the conduit to connect this ecosystem of education and workforce providers to the industry who needs the talent. We will accomplish this by:

  • Mobilizing workforce development, educational and training systems
  • Leading a inclusive digital transformation
  • Accelerating a national cyber talent revolution