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Cyber Proud is Recruiting Mentors 

Cyber Proud Mentor Network offers a unique opportunity to make a lasting impact on the life and future career trajectory of students, interns, early-career professionals, and/or apprenticeships. Mentors are recruited as industry professionals to act as role models to Cyber Proud students and trainees. During the Cyber Proud Sacramento pre-apprenticeship program, mentors will work directly with students to build relationships early into this program as they facilitate job readiness curriculum and small group discussions on topics, as well as cheer them on throughout the program. This mentor program is developed to maintain long-term relationships between the mentor and mentee to help facilitate job placement and to provide on-going professional mentoring to each, once placed in their career.

What is a Mentor?

A mentor is someone who finds a connection, offers to be a friend or sounding board, and perhaps an advisor. Mentors are important for students fighting disconnection in relationships due to a lack of confidence or when they are seeking out employment and guidance through life or career. In partnership with All Leaders Must Serve, students will be partnered with a professional mentor. The primary focus will be on preparing adults who are disconnected and disadvantaged in the areas of career readiness skills, character development, work ethic, public speaking, and self-awareness.

Mentor Role and Commitments

  • Serve as a positive role model and friend
  • Build the relationship by planning and participating in activities together
  • Strive for mutual respect
  • Build self-esteem and motivation
  • Help set goals and work toward accomplishing them
  • Meet with the Mentor Coordinator weekly for support and training updates

Time Commitment

  • Online Mentor Orientation – One time 4-hour Session
  • bi-monthly meets with the student
  • bi-monthly meets with a Support Group
  • Four-month commitment. A mentor can choose to continue for further projects
  • Opportunities for mentoring include job shadowing, webinars, and internships


Participation Requirements

  • An honorable person who keeps commitments and respects others
  • At least 25 years old or older
  • Resides in the greater Sacramento region or surrounding areas
  • Interested in working with youth or young adults of different ethnicities and backgrounds
  • Willing to adhere to all program policies and procedures
  • Willing to complete the application, background check, and screening process
  • Dependable and consistent in meeting the time commitments
  • Attends mentor training sessions as prescribed bi-monthly (tentatively Friday AM)
  • Be willing to communicate regularly with Cyber Proud and ALMS staff

Desirable Qualities

  • Good listener
  • Has life experience and can articulate their professional journey struggles
  • Understanding, encouraging and supportive
  • Patient and flexible
  • Non-judgmental and respectful of individual differences
  • Understands their personal weakness and strengths


  • Personal fulfillment through contribution to community and individual
  • Satisfaction in helping someone mature, progress, and achieve goals
  • Training sessions and mentor activities
  • Participation in a mentor support group (training sessions with Coordinator)
  • Personal ongoing support, supervision to help the mentor succeed

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Next Steps:

Application and Screening


  • Written application
  • Personal interview
  • Criminal history check: state, child abuse, and neglect registry, sexual offender registry
  • Provide two personal references
  • Online Mentor Orientation – One time 4-hour Session


How does this approach differ from other mentor programs?

The Cyber Proud Mentor Network will not only be there to provide life skills and practical encouragement so that the protégé grows emotionally. Mentors will be a coach that prepares and instructs their protégé to win at life, as well as serve as an industry liaison to be a source of information that can provide industry insights when students are charting their path and deciding on an education. A mentor lends perspective and practical advice. Mentors can open doors rather than close them. They can show greater possibilities where none were visible.

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