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What a year 2020 has been with the launch of Cyber Proud. Growing this nonprofit from just an idea, a concept to growing momentum to where we are today in addressing a pressing workforce demand. What I didn’t know when we started was that Covid would forever change our lives; the way we work, live and communicate. Launching Cyber Proud this year became our imperative.

Now, I could talk about how we created an amazing training program. What has truly materialized is more of a talent revolution, a new way of thinking about cyber and developing a new generation of cyber professionals.  Many of our partners including All Leaders Must Serve and Woz Enterprises rose to the challenge. What I have learned is that Cyber Proud is about resiliency, persistence, and grit. That in spite of Covid and all the uncertainty, together we’ve showed the capacity to grow, adapt and excel.

Our first pilot Cyber Proud Sacramento has lifted up and propelled many who were unsure about their futures. It gave each of them hope and new career to aspire toward. After completing 320 hours of pre-apprenticeship training provided by WozU followed by pursuing a CompTIA industry certification, they will possess the talent and skills to be an asset to any employer. This is a game changer – a life changer. The members of our new Cyber Proud family come from differing experiences. When asked to share stories that brought them to Cyber Proud, they joined in without reservation. We learned what we have in common; stories of being challenged to followed by the confidence to persevere. Below are several testimonials from these apprentices about the impact participating in Cyber Proud had on them and their lives.

Our Cyber Proud approach is about building connection; it means sharing and serving others. Hearing from our Cyber Proud apprentices, they spoke of taking the opportunity to share their new gifts with others. From becoming a mentor to connecting others to new industry partners – to creating a young women’s cyber entrepreneurship program – to simply paying it forward in some way to change another’s life.

I am eternally grateful to have had the opportunity to serve these people. In 2021, we want to continue this work and to grow the size and impact of Cyber Proud. With so much interest we plan to run other cohorts next year. Currently we have over 100 individuals that are waiting for an opportunity to train for a new cyber career. If you’d like to support these efforts, you can learn about how to join Cyber Proud by visiting our website at You can choose to become a sponsor with options at several different levels or simple make a donation. You can also join our mentor network. Your support will make it possible to not only support businesses through the cultivation of the next generation of cyber professionals; your support will uplift and change a life forever.  

With Appreciation,

Coleen Morehead,

Founder/CEO, Cyber Proud Inc.

Cyber Proud Sacramento Pilot

This CARES‐funded workforce program was made possible by a grant from the City of Sacramento.