Cyber Proud Sacramento: Cultivate Your Workforce Through Apprenticeship

By Coleen Morehead

Join Cyber Proud Sacramento to Solve Your Skills Gap

Cyber Proud, a California-based nonprofit, has partnered with Woz Enterprise – a division of Woz U to expand its pre-apprenticeship program. This newly formed alliance is offering tech training opportunities in cybersecurity and infrastructure support to Sacramento residents looking to enter the technology workforce. Technology careers remain in high demand, both in California and nationwide, and Cyber Proud is working to align career demand with dedicated training tracks and a skills-based curriculum for job seekers.

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This webinar will provide guidance on how to mentor and hire one of the trained pre-apprentices in an employer-sponsored program beginning in December. Cyber Proud offered this pre-training under this DOL Registered Apprenticeship Program to provide candidates industry-driven, high quality career pathway to prepare them for future workforce. Upon completion each pre-apprentice will have completed 320 hours of training.

Why a Registered Apprenticeship Program?

Validated by the U.S. Department of Labor
Verified program that meets national standards for quality and rigor
Approved training plans for occupations as approved by the DOL
Tax credits and federal funds
How would your organization benefit:

Candidates are ready to hire with technical skills across multiple job roles
Sourced to meet diversity objectives including women, underrepresented ethnicities, veterans
You can utilize the onboarding structure to decrease wage inflation & increase retention
College credit bearing program to benefit these candidates and your organization