Cyber Proud Mentor Network Needs You

By Coleen Morehead

Become a Mentor. 
Share Your Industry Expertise.
Sponsor a Student.
Change a Life. 

Cyber Proud Mentor Network offers a unique opportunity to make a lasting impact on the life and future career trajectory of students, interns, early-career professionals. Each Cyber Proud mentor will build and foster relationships with mentees as they facilitate career exploration and planning.
Cyber Proud Mentor Network will work directly with employers to ensure that students have a direct link to the industry to inspire them to enter this new career field and that they are also well equipped to meet this growing cyber workforce demand. As a reflection of our communities, these mentors will demonstrate the diversity of the industry as a whole.
The mentors will also play a role as an advisor on curriculum development, facilitate small group discussions on topics, and cheer students on through impromptu speaking. The role of the mentors does not stop once the mentee is placed. The value of on-going professional mentoring is a real game changer!
Knowledge Transfer is the Key!
Knowledge transfer and diversity will be the keys to this Cyber Talent Revolution. As for addressing workforce diversity goals, there’s still lots of research showing women and minorities remain underrepresented; and this problem goes beyond just corporate social responsibility. There are many ways to shape priorities for a stronger workforce: from wider recruitment and deeper community involvement, to robust on-boarding, continuous learning and support for employees. To really move the needle, we will enhance access to work based learning opportunities, job shadowing and apprenticeships. to under represented communities. But the real currency will be the knowledge transfer and the connection of a mentor to a mentee.
The charge of the Cyber Proud Mentor Network is to truly enhance industry relevant experiences. The result will be a well prepared pool of skilled cyber professionals to design, build, maintain and secure today’s cyber systems. Through the mentor network, students will not only receive guidance on the industry. Additionally, mentors will share best practices on nationally recognized frameworks, curriculum and training programs including apprenticeships and high demand industry certifications.
Learn how you can become a part of this Cyber Revolution.