Welcome To Cyber Proud

By blueray

Welcome to Cyber Proud,
The call for a Cyber Talent Revolution is now! This movement will require an integrated talent development ecosystem that is targeted on mobilizing cyber champions to lead this transformation. The committed network of Cyber Proud Sacramento Collaborators represents the industry, government, education, training, workforce development, and community-based organizations. The result of our efforts will be a resilient and inclusive digital economy that is enabled by a new generation of a skilled cyber workforce capable of building, maintaining, and securing our shared cyber, virtual and digital assets. 
In the early stages of Covid-19, businesses had to focus on mission-critical work functions to survive. As the months drew on, several of our Cyber Proud partners shared stories of organizations, big and small, having concerns about being adequately prepared for operating their businesses remotely and having the talent on their staff to adapt. In part those challenges could be attributed to a perceived lack of expertise or capacity to to ramp up operations. As businesses shift from the traditional brick and mortar model many are serving new remote customers or clients. Many business owners are asking what are the right tools to maintain their operations and level of service virtually? What safeguards are necessary? As each business has become more reliant upon these systems to interact, collaborate, and work virtually, what resources will expand our understanding of emerging labor market trends? What are the unique talents that professionals must possess to design, maintain, and secure these cyber systems? For many years the demand for skilled workers has far exceeded the supply. As this gap widens we must explore the impact on those businesses, professionals, and those addressing this pressing need for more talent. Not only must we attract and nurture the next generation of cyber professionals, but we must also ensure that access is certain, equitable, seamless, and secure? 
Even in these uncertain times, the abundance of local talent has kept us connected and allow certain segments to prosper and support our economy. I hope you take this opportunity to join the Cyber Proud Talent Revolution. Learn more about how you can play an integral role in addressing this important need. Join This Revolution! 
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Coleen Morehead, Ed.D.
Founder,Cyber Proud, Inc